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RhythmiCity has a library of over a thousand rhythm pattern combinations for practicing, learning, and sight-reading rhythm.


RhythmiCity includes:


*10 levels, organized like a deck of cards, from beginning to advanced, which include notes, rests, ties, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, and syncopation in a variety of time signatures.


*A tutorial rhythm assistant, which demonstrates how to play & count rhythm patterns.


*A Sight-reading mode,  designed to increase your horizontal peripheral vision span, short term memory, and rhythm pattern recognition during sight-reading.


*(NEW) A Learner Mode. This mode lets practice and concentrate on one measure at a time.


* (NEW) You can now preview all of the rhythms in the library, and then select which rhythm you want to practice.


*Immediate feedback on timing accuracy to help identify notes played too early, late, short, or too long.


*Rhythm challenge exercises to test proficiency at each level.


*A certificate of completion, after completing a rhythm challenge exercise.


*Earn practice points for: highest accuracy percentage, highest practice session points, consecutive measures at 100% accuracy, consecutive days of practice, and practice duration.


*Full-featured metronome with multiple percussion sounds, including voice count, that can be customized.



Features Highlights


• Four octave mini-piano keyboard.

• An unlimited amount of random rhythm combinations, and patterns.

• 10 practice levels from beginning to advanced.

• Tempo of exercises can be slowed down or increased.

• Each measure performed is instantly analyzed for accuracy.

• Increased frequency of measures played incorrectly to allow for more practice.

• Specially designed flashcard transitions that promote sight-reading.

• Demonstration of measures played incorrectly by tutorial assistant.

• Practice summary can be shared via email.

• Acoustical Piano sound for true rhythmic duration.

• Low keyboard latency.

• Practice summary at the end of each session.

• Option to have one or two measure preparatory voice count-off.

• Voice alert feedback during the practice session.


Pyramid Metronome


• Metronome includes a pyramid style pendulum ball, which accurately displays the (up) & (down) beats, and sub-divisions.

• Colorful LED’s to show active beats, and beat subdivisions.

• User can defined beat subdivisions and beats.

• Beats can be divided up to eight subdivisions.

• User can assign percussion instrument sounds to beats, and beat subdivisions.

• Option to use voice counts on beats, and beat subdivisions.

• Tempo ranges from 10 to 400 beats per minute.

• Italian, and BPM (beats per minute) tempo markings.

• User can create custom metronome settings, and save up to nine presets.

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